What is Orange wine and why is it the current rage in the wine world?

It's Wine Wednesday, what are you drinking?
Deep Roots Wine Market & Tasting Room
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Always looking for something exciting and new, Wednesday's are now Wine Wednesday here at Star 94.

We're going to explore the world of wine each week, and add a local twist to things. Today we asked Dana Gurela, who owns Deep Roots Wine Market & Tasting Room in Roswell, for an idea of what's really hot in her store right now

"Something that has become trendy in the wine world is orange wine," said Gurela, "No, it’s not made from oranges! Orange wine is made from white grapes that are fermented with the skins and seeds in contact with the juice. The result an amber-hued wine.

"Orange wine aromas and flavors are very different from white or rosé wines. So don’t let the pale color fool you. These wines are actually quite robust, bold, and full-bodied. They may have flavors of hazelnut, bruised apple, tea, and sourdough. They are savory, honeyed (without being sweet), and even a bit sour (like a fruit beer)."

No worries if you drink only red or only white, Gurela says fans of both should be able to find an orange wine they like.

"Orange wines can actually appeal to red wine drinkers and white wine drinkers alike. They can be tannic with deep-layered flavors like a red wine, yet have the refreshing qualities of a white wine.

Deep Roots has some exceptional orange wine options right now:

2021 Stolpman Love You Bunches “Orange”, Santa Barbara County AVA - 50% Pinot Gris, 23% Orange Muscat, 19% Semillon, 8% Gewürztraminer
Pinot Gris lends savory rich layers, while the Gewürztraminer brings ripe aromatic aromas and feathery mid-palate stuffing. The tropical orange muscat becomes integrated into the Gewürztraminer while the Semillon brings the finish of the wine to a high-acid crunch. Overall the wine shows firm, quenching citrus fruit with loads of mashable, mouth-filling tactile yumminess.

2020 Tarpon Cellars Cambaro Skin Contact, Clarksburg AVA - 98% Chenin Blanc & 2% Verdejo
An exotic foray into orange wine, this refreshingly clean example has a mouthfeel that lends itself to Chardonnay drinkers looking for something a little different. Dried apricot and red pear on the nose, bruised apple and rose hip shine on an entry that achieves stunning depth with a weight that comes from sur lie aging. A silky finish is accentuated by a light tannin element with touches of fennel and spearmint.

2020 Kelley Fox Nerthus, Willamette Valley AVA - 75% Old Vine Early Muscat & 25% Pinot Gris
The Nerthus has delightful, pale rosy pink color with hints of peach and beautiful, brilliant transparency. It’s visually very pleasing. The nose is full of fresh peach and apricot (stone-fruit) notes with floral and mineral notes. Though bone dry, there is mouth-watering peach and apricot fruit that is carried nicely by the racy acidity. This alpine-fresh wine is a real joy-bringer.

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