When's the last time you detoxed your mind?

A new study reveals the results of detoxing your mind and getting rid of that mental clutter.
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Feel Good Fitness is quick tips to help you feel good. May is mental health awareness month and a new study just found that avoiding social media platforms for just one week significantly improved a person's well-being and also lower levels of both anxiety and depression.

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Leave Social Media alone for a week, you won't regret it!
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The researchers in the study gathered people that on average spent about 8 hours of their week browsing various social platforms. After one week of normal use the team randomly selected participants into one of two groups one using social media as normal and the other trying to avoid any social media use for one week. The results show that avoiding social media for a full week lead to dramatic improvements in each participant's well-being regardless of their age. The experiment group also displays noticeable drops and anxiety and depression.

These researchers now want to see the effects of detoxing from social media for a longer period of time could impact the long-term mental health scores. If you found yourself struggling with some anxiety or depression, why not test out what it does to boost your mental health?

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