Adler: New order strengthens mask requirements for businesses, adds fine

Austin Mayor Steve Adler
Photo credit Rick Kern/WireImage

AUSTIN ( -- A brand new order issued Monday afternoon from Austin Mayor Steve Adler aims to strengthen requirements on businesses to require their customers, visitors, and employees to wear masks.

The new "Stay Home, Mask, and Otherwise Be Safe" order, which goes into effect at 11:59 p.m. Monday night, requires all businesses across Austin - not just those dealing with or open to the public, as Adler ordered last week - to implement and maintain a policy that requires customers, visitors, and employees to wear a face covering. The new order also specifically covers both commercial entities and not-for-profit entities.

In addition to now including virtually any type of business within the City of Austin, the order specifically adds a $1,000 fine for non-compliance, with each day or portion of a day that a business does not implement or maintain its health and safety policy constituting a separate "offense" under the order.

Adler discussed the new order in his Facebook Live "Got A Minute" series Monday night.

The new order continues through August 15.

City officials say violations of the new order can be reported to Austin 3-1-1. Austin Code will reach out to the business on the first complaint and provide them with information on the order; a second report may result in the issuance of a fine for non-compliance.

If a business has trouble with a customer abiding by the order, the business can ask the individual to leave their premises. If they refuse to leave, the business can call 9-1-1 and Austin Police will respond and potentially charge the individual with criminal trespass.