ERCOT "closely monitoring" conditions as frigid temps expected around Christmas

Frozen power lines
Photo credit Thomas Ryan Allison/Bloomberg via Getty Images

AUSTIN ( -- Texas' electric grid operator says frigid temperatures expected next week across the state should not pose a problem.

Officials with the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, or ERCOT, said Friday they've issued an Operating Condition Notice, or OCN, to transmission and distribution owners and generation resources across the state ahead of temperatures late next week that are expected to be colder than 25 degrees in both the Austin-San Antonio and Dallas-Fort Worth areas.

The National Weather Service is currently forecasting a low of 22 degrees for Austin's Camp Mabry for next Friday morning Dec. 23, though some models have temperatures trending as low as 14 degrees and others as high as 33 degrees. Forecasters emphasize there is a lot of uncertainty still to be ironed out with the forecast.

“Providing Texans with a reliable electric grid is our highest priority. As we monitor weather conditions, we want to assure Texans that the grid is resilient and reliable,” said Pablo Vegas, ERCOT President and CEO. “We will keep the public informed as weather conditions change throughout the coming week."

ERCOT officials highlighted the work done over the last 18 months, in conjunction with the state's Public Utility Commission, on reforms and increasing the reliability of the grid, including weatherization, bringing more generation online sooner if needed, and purchasing more reserve power.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Thomas Ryan Allison/Bloomberg via Getty Images