Former Richardson mayor and husband convicted of bribery and tax fraud

Photo credit Getty Images

The former Richardson mayor is caught up in a sex and bribery scandal and has been sentenced to six years in federal prison.

Former Richardson Mayor Laura Maczka and her land developer husband Mark Jordan, were sentenced after being convicted of bribery and tax fraud in July 2021.

Prosecutors say Maczka, now known as Laura Jordan began an affair with Jordan while she was still mayor and started taking bribes in the form of money and sexual favors.

She voted in favor of a controversial one-thousand-unit apartment complex Jordan wanted to build despite public opposition and ran on a no new apartments platform.

The former mayor married Jordan after she left office. Prosecutors had asked for 10 years. In handing down the 6-year sentence the judge told the couple the jury decide their case was not a love story, just simply bribery.