Olive Garden releases family holiday pajamas

Olive Garden pajamas
Photo credit Olive Garden

Once upon a time, one Italian restaurant chain peppered the airwaves with their signature slogan, “When you’re here, you’re family.”

While it’s unknown at the moment whether that phrase may be making a return, Olive Garden is certainly trying to emblazon a festive holiday tradition in many families with their own unique brand of marketing.

Introducing Olive Garden pajamas.

The assortment of onesies for kids and parents alike features images of soup, salad, breadsticks and pasta – all mainstays of the Olive Garden menu.

So if are eager to immortalize that moment when the breadsticks keep coming and they don’t stop coming on your sleepytime attire, be sure to check in at OliveGarden.com on December 6 when the shopping link goes live.

Because if you’re gonna slip into a pasta-and-breadstick-induced food coma, you might as well be comfortable.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Olive Garden