5 potential cities Major League Baseball could expand to

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In an in-depth conversation with ESPN's Don Van Natta Jr., Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred says that he "would love to get to 32 teams."

There isn't an exact timeline for when expansion could take place, but MLB hasn't seen expansion since 1998, when the Tampa Bay Devil Rays and Arizona Diamondbacks were introduced to give the league 30 teams. The league may be ready to expand, especially when you consider that Manfred suggested earlier this year that the league could target in excess of $2 billion from whatever city wants to secure an MLB franchise.

Both the Rays and Oakland Athletics face uncertain futures in their current cities, perhaps complicating the idea of also adding two teams in the near future.

Then again, if four teams -- two current franchises and two expansion franchises -- could be secured in the relatively near future, that should excite cities desperate to have an MLB team.

Here are five potential cities that MLB could expand to: