Man fights off mountain lion attacking his dog


A Colorado man sprung into action to save his dog from a brutal mountain lion attack.

Gene Whannel told KDVR that he’s used to encountering wildlife as his property is on public land.

Since the area is known for mountain lions, some of which he’s spotted on trail cameras, he typically takes precautions.

“Wildlife is something that’s been in our backyard forever. Knowing that, every morning I open the door and take a pretty high-powered flashlight and kind of scan the hill up above us to see if I can catch the reflection of some eyeballs staring back at us,” he explained.

When he let out 9-year-old Boxer, Sadie, early one morning, he didn’t notice any signs of trouble until he heard a whimper and realized she was being attacked by a mountain lion.

“I got the light on her, saw that she was in a wrestling match with something. From a distance I couldn’t tell what it was, but my suspicion was a mountain lion,” he said.