Junkies predict rough season for Redskins


Well, here we go.

The Redskins schedule was released Wednesday and, while the opponents, were known at the end of last season, the most important thing -- the order of the game's -- was not known. But with all the information needed (aside from the NFL Draft, knowledge of any injuries during OTAs or mini-camps or preseason games or any other event in the next four-and-one-half months) The Sports Junkies can now predict with an expert level of certainty the Washington Redskins 2019 season.

And for those hoping for optimism for optimism's sake or wearing rose-colored glasses, this isn't the place. 

"I'm having a hard time with this because it's the worst offense at this point, now it's not done, they're not done, but if the season started today it'd be the worst offense I can remember as a Redskins fan," Eric Bickel said. 

And, we're off and running in 2019.

However, EB notes the Skins have, on paper, one of the easiest schedules in football.

"I actually have them, just going through this, with more wins than I feel comfortable with," he said. "They're just playing a bunch of poopers." 

But, EB, J.P Flaim, and John Auville all predict the Redskins will lose the opening week in Philadelphia.

And the home opener against the hated Dallas Cowboys.

Week 3 to the Chicago Bears? All three say a loss, too.

For JP and EB, the first win comes at the New York Giants in Week 4. 

However, Cakes sees the Redskins season starting, for lack of a better word, in the pooper. And Mr. Auville had another prediction about head coach Jay Gruden.

"If they start 0-5 (after losing the Patriots in Week 5)," Cakes said. "It's very bad optics for the Redskins, Gruden could be fired before the Week 6 game against the Dolphins." 

While EB doesn't think team president Bruce Allen would fire Gruden mid-season, Auville thinks if it is "an 0-5 bloodbath" that could soon change. 

Cakes finally has the Redskins grabbing a win against the 49ers to get to 1-6 through seven weeks.

"That is a cataclysmic season," Auville said. 

"That is brutal!" JP said. 

But, EB the Optimist, has the Redskins repeating their 7-9 performance from a season ago.

"Which is more wins than I think they're capable of, but frankly, that schedule, they have some moments where it is tough, but there are a lot of poopers on there that they should be able to take advantage of."

One one hand, it is hard to see the Redskins scoring enough points to win games. On the other, they play eight-straight weeks against teams that missed the playoffs in 2018. They do not play teams that were solid last year. 

"Just remember where you heard 0-5 and Gruden fired, first. Right here," Cakes said. 

For those of you keeping score at home:

JP: 6-10

EB: 7-9

Cakes: 4-12

First Skins sked prediction of 2019... pic.twitter.com/LgWGMtGc8e

— John Auville (@moneymetalcakes) April 18, 2019

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