SNIDER: With Haskins, Redskins choose marketing over need


In the end, Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder was given no other choice. He needed a quarterback to market a team whose fan base is being devoured by a black hole that has left FedEx Field nearly empty.

No matter the timing was bad for a rookie passer. What with the Redskins opening next fall against four 2018 playoff teams in the first five weeks. With coach Jay Gruden openly saying it would be hard for someone like Dwayne Haskins with little college experience to make an impact in the NFL. Indeed, Gruden must have been looking at departing plane schedules and U-Haul rates after hearing Snyder’s decision.

Oh wait, it was a group decision. That is, unless Haskins fails and everyone points fingers.

Maybe it’s wrong to not expect much from Haskins. He’s a decent prospect. It’s just the Redskins could have taken needed edge rusher Brian Burns, who went one pick later to Carolina. They could have slid down for an extra second rounder and used it to gain Arizona quarterback Josh Rosen while drafting a needed receiver.

But no, Snyder needed his rookie quarterback. This feels so familiar because it has yet to work.

Redskins fans seem divided. But, many don’t like the pick and that’s not putting people in seats this fall. Washington possessed several options, but nothing ever tops a quarterback for the team owner.

To summarize the Redskins quarterback: Alex Smith is supposed to be recovering so well the team chose his successor. Colt McCoy is recovering from a third surgery and won’t be ready in the offseason. Case Keenum doesn’t know the offense yet. And Haskins is surely the starter sometime this season no matter what.

Maybe Gruden holds off on Haskins for a game or two to prove he’s still the coach, which will be of little solace when gone on Dec. 30.

But, the coach has his quarterback force fed to him no matter few receiver options. Indeed, the Redskins ride behind running back Derrius Guice and Adrian Peterson this fall, not the quarterback so why pick a passer now?

Good luck to Haskins – he’s going to need it.

Rick Snider has covered Washington sports since 1978. Follow him on Twitter: @Snide_Remarks.