Nobody will say a bad word about Hachimura, Scott Brooks says


Wizards head coach Scott Brooks had nothing but praise for the team's top draft pick and said he wants to keep All-Star guard Bradley Beal in Washington forever in an interview with 106.7 The Fan Friday.

Brooks told The Sports Junkies he hadn't heard a bad word from anybody about Rui Hachimura, the 6-foot-8, 230-pound forward out of Gonzaga who the Wizards took with the No. 9 selection in the NBA Draft.

"Nobody ever will say anything bad about the kid," Brooks said about Hachimura. "I've been talking to people trying to get as much intel in the last couple of weeks and everybody says the same thing, 'The kids is an amazing kid, he works hard, you're gonna love coaching him.'"

"He's a really good basketball player that has a great upside. He's a two-way player, he's just gonna be a great teammate, he's coachable," he added. "I talked to (Gonzaga head coach Mark) Few (Thursday) morning and he just said, 'Coach, it's gonna be like he was heaven-sent in your locker room. He's gonna work his tail off every single day. He's one of those kids that will get up in the morning, early morning, six o'clock in the morning workouts. And feel like he has to do it because if he doesn't he won't have a good day the rest the day.' Those are the type of guys we need."

When asked about Beal, who had been the subject of pre-draft trade rumors, Brooks said he is the type of player "you want to build your program around."

"Yeah, you see all the rumors. Of course, there's gonna be rumors, everybody's gonna want a guy like Brad. You're not gonna find guys like Brad often and we have him, he loves it here. We'd love to keep him and I'd love to coach him forever," Brooks said.

"He's made the All-Star team for three years. He's a two-way player, he's going to get better, he's only 25," he said. "I love Brad. High character, he brings it every night and he has a couple more levels of improvement."

The Wizards' head coach also dismissed any criticism about the team drafting Hachimura without having him participate in a pre-draft workout.

"No, you know what, he did not come in. But that's like so irrelevant because it's really for the head coach to see him for 45 minutes (and) I've seen enough on tape, I've talked to enough people in the last and I know what we need and I know what kind of character he has and I know what he's about and I love the fact that he's gonna continue to get better," Brooks said.

Brooks, who said he was involved in the "collaborative" process with interim GM Tommy Sheppard and said, "It's been a great process to be around."