LISTEN: Lars Eller's car broke down on the way to his Junkies appearance!

He may have won the Stanley Cup for the Washington Capitals last year with his Game 5 goal against Vegas, but Lars Eller still has car trouble like the rest of us. 
On his way to an interview with The Sports Junkies before practice at MedStar Capitals Iceplex, Eller's Mercedes broke down. But like a true professional, Eller still made it to his radio appearance!

Our guy @lellerofficial had an interesting ride to work this morning! #ALLCAPS

— The Junkies (@JunksRadio) April 8, 2019

"A little unusual morning," Eller told the Junkies. "I had to leave my car in the middle of Glebe Road right now. It broke down, it wouldn't restart."

"When you're at a light and these new cars, the engine turns off when you're at (a light). So when I went to push it (on), nothing happened."

Thankfully, Caps teammate Evgeny Kuznetsov was driving right behind him and gave Eller a lift.  

"The first guy that came up was my teammate Kuzy actually," said Eller. "Kuzy to the rescue, he picked me up."

Eller left his car in the middle of the road, however, his commitment to the Junkies superseding the Mercedes. 

"That's what I did, I didn't want to miss this interview," Eller told the Junkies. 

We certainly appreciate your dedication, Lars. But make sure you get your car to the mechanic, too!

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