Russell: Redskins ousters 'a double middle finger to fan base'

Redskins insider Chris Russell shared further insight into the departures of Redskins COO and President of Business Operations Brian Lafemina and three other executives, telling The Sports Junkies Thursday Lafemina had been planning to resign before he was ousted by owner Daniel Snyder.

"From what I was told, Dan Snyder found out that Brian Lafemina was planning on departing," said Russell. "Brian Lafemina was so upset, so angry about a number of different situations, that Brian Lafemina had basically decided this isn't working, I have to get out of here, this sucks."

"Lafemina had planned his departure on his own volition, and from what I understand, Dan found out about it. And before Lafemina could quit and ultimately make Dan look only like the bad guy, Dan and Bruce (Allen) came up with this plan of, 'We're gonna make them look bad just as well. We're gonna show them that we're the bosses, we're the sheriffs in control.'"

Russell mentioned several situations which had rubbed Lafemina the wrong way, including a "leadership counsel meeting" held by Snyder the day after Alex Smith sustained a season-ending leg injury.

"Dan Snyder held shop and was signaling out and saluting all these various executives," Russell explained, "and Lafemina was there, and (Snyder) never looked at Lafemina, and he never signaled Lafemina out."

"And Lafemina, from what I was told, took that and said, 'Oh, boy, this is just as bad as I thought it was.'" And the friction was real, and it never got better from there."

"And two days later, they added Reuben Foster, which was another disaster, and then another disaster on top of another disaster."

For Russell, the ousters of Lafemina and the others is yet another insult to a Redskins fan base which has shown immense loyalty to the struggling, often chaotic franchise.

"Only an organization that has absolutely no common sense and no clue from the very top does stuff like this," Russell told the Junkies. "You hired these guys to fix a problem, and you didn't like the immediate return and the way they went about it, and the fact that they enjoyed being honest and transparent with the fans and the media. And now, here you have a mess to clean up."

"By every action, it's been a big, unfortunate, double middle finger to the fan base." 

The way that the #Redskins are confirming the departures of Brian Lafemina, Steve Ziff, Jake Bye & Todd Kline???Taking their name off the front office chart of @Redskins .com which they were on before today. done.

— Chris Russell (@Russellmania621) December 27, 2018

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