DHall: Josh Norman 'in love with being a celebrity'


DeAngelo Hall had some strong words for his former teammate Josh Norman Tuesday morning, telling The Junkies Norman is "in love with being a celebrity right now and not necessarily being a football player."

Norman had a rough game Monday night against Drew Brees and the Saints, New Orleans dominating Washington 43-19, Norman getting benched to start the second half. After the game, Norman went back-and-forth with Saints receiver Michael Thomas on Twitter

Hall explained to The Junkies how Norman isn't necessarily "the best fit" in the Redskins' defensive scheme. 

"I'm not gonna say he was never good here, but for what we want him to do in this defense, Josh probably wasn't the best fit," Hall said. "He doesn't like to sit in there and press, and fight with his man at the line of scrimmage. He likes to bail, and bailers give up certain things."

"I would imagine that they weren't pleased with the way Josh was playing certain coverages. I know that DB coach (Torrian Gray), and he probably felt like, 'Look, Jay, I've tried to tell him to do it X, Y, Z, and Josh wants to do it his way. And Jay probably makes the decision, let's get this guy out of here, let's get another guy in here who's gonna do what we ask him to do and what we teach."

Hall went on to insinuate Norman's primary focus may not be playing football at the moment. Norman participated in Dancing with the Stars earlier this year, and has a gig with Fox Sports doing NFL analysis. 

"There comes a point where you just gotta play football. Josh is, I think, in love with being a celebrity right now and not necessarily being a football player," Hall said. "Josh needs to refocus, get back on the grind, get back to the basics technique-wise and really work."

"He's not gonna live off the reputation of being Josh Norman. Teams are starting to go at him, and he's either gonna have to make plays, or somebody else is gonna get an opportunity to play."

"There's no coming back from being benched. That already happened," Hall concluded. "He knows it, the team knows it, the outside world knows it. And so for him he has to, like I said, get focused on just playing football and playing to the best of his abilities. Because if not, there's gonna be another guy in there getting those snaps." 

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