Alex Smith still wearing an external fixator nearly six months since injury


Alex Smith turned 35 on Tuesday, but with all the excitement of the Redskins drafting Dwayne Haskins, there's been few updates recently regarding his recovery from a broken leg. 

Smith, as you'll remember, gruesomely broke his right leg in Week 11 last season, leaving his football career in doubt. Beyond an appearance at a Wizards game in January, during which Smith was seen wearing an external fixator on the injured leg, the veteran QB has remained largely outside of the public eye.
However, a Junkies listener recently ran into Smith and took a picture with him. As the photo shows, Smith is still wearing the external fixator, almost six months removed from when he broke his leg. 

Does this look like Alex Smith, @moneymetalcakes?

— The Junkies (@JunksRadio) May 7, 2019

"A buddy of mine ... spoke with a doctor — one of Alex Smith's doctors — not gonna say names, but the doctor said they took so much soft tissue out of the leg, there's just no chance (he can play again)," said Jason Bishop.

David J. Chao, MD, who goes by @ProFootballDoc on Twitter, commented on another photo of Smith wearing the external fixator, saying there's likely "more surgery to come" on the leg. 

Apparently #AlexSmith still ring external fixator on.Not much progress from January. news: weight bearing and walking.Bad news: more surgery to come, likely flap procedure done.Clearly is not playing in 2019 and career in question.

— David J. Chao, MD (@ProFootballDoc) May 7, 2019

By taking Haskins, the Redskins have prepared for the future without Smith. However, it's hard not to think about what could have been if Smith didn't suffer this devastating injury. 

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