SNIDER: Bruce Allen must be fired today


As usual, Redskins owner Dan Snyder was only half right when firing coach Jay Gruden on Monday. He forgot to toss president Bruce Allen into the street as well.

Bottom line – if Allen remains, the Redskins will continue to be awful. Allen cannot be allowed to pick the next coach. He has already fired two that were his picks. Allen has also regressed in stadium talks that were supposed to be his primary goal.

Nowhere in the NFL would Allen still have a job long before reaching 59-92-1 over 10 seasons. Nobody with any options will opt to coach under him. Allen has ruined the franchise his father George Allen lifted from the ashes in the 1970s.

This has become one sad joke.

There are no season ticket holders. Redskins fans have quit on the team. The next few home games will see 25,000 at best until 'FedUp Field' is once more filled with Philadelphia fans.

Allen’s exit is the only answer to righting this franchise. Well, Snyder selling would be nice, but that’s not happening. So, at least have a competent team president pick a reasonable head coach.

Gruden wasn’t a bad choice despite a 35-49-1 record while losing the one playoff game. Most times, Gruden was working with a decimated team and still posting near .500 marks.

Not the Gruden was without blame. He absolutely couldn’t adjust during games, especially in the 3rd quarter. At halftime, coach Joe Gibbs used to flip the script and be even better. Gruden must have been eating hot dogs during the break because there were rarely new ideas in the second half.

Gruden’s practices were too soft. Now there’s no one way to win and draconian practices are no longer allowed under the collective bargaining agreement. But what always seemed missing was urgency to improve. There was no singular focus that said get better or get out. Players too often joked around on the side or did things their way without repercussion.

Being a players’ coach doesn’t mean players run things. It means the coach doesn’t pound them in practice. And if Redskins players think they’re working hard, they should check out how New England works. There’s a reason why the Patriots win championships. The Redskins are missing that spark.

The season is trashed. There’s no coming back from 0-5, but the 1997 team was 0-7 before finishing 6-3 and winning the NFC East the following year. However, there’s no indication this team wins more than two or three games max. If Washington doesn’t beat Miami on Sunday, there’s a real chance of 0-16.

Somewhere, Gruden is smiling, glad to be free of this mess. Too bad the fans can’t say the same.

Rick Snider has covered Washington sports since 1978. Follow him on Twitter: @Snide_Remarks