BMitch and Finlay's hot new summer treat: ketchup popsicles???


Summer has arrived, both unofficially and officially, and with the NFL dormant until training camp and the NBA Draft over, the sports landscape is quieter than most other times of year.

So, what better to talk about on a sports radio show than delicious summer treats, like popsicles?

On Friday’s BMitch and Finlay, JP wanted to talk about a Tweet from French’s that producer Landphyll brought up, showing that our friends north of the border have an interesting new frozen treat to enjoy.

“Hey Canadian friends, your favorite condiment just got a whole lot cooler: a refreshing, savory and sweet ketchup popsicle made from 100 percent Canadian tomatoes!” JP read from the French’s Tweet, which brought an instant reaction from his co-host.

“I’m not doing that, it makes no sense to me!” Brian Mitchell laughed. “What made someone even think about doing that? Ketchup is a condiment!”

JP continued talking about the “French-sicle” and its limited time run in Canada, but no, BMitch ain’t buying it.

“I would eat a hamburger with some fries and some ketchup on it, and I’d get me a damn pineapple popsicle,” he said.

Apparently, Canadians love ketchup, and JP found another bizarre place for the condiment: mashed potatoes?

“We all agree: hot dogs, hamburgers, fries…so many good uses for ketchup,” he said, “but 17 percent of Canadians put ketchup on mashed potatoes!”

Another party foul, says Mitchell.

“Anybody who thinks it’s potatoes – no, they’re mashed, and once they’re mashed, you don’t put no damn ketchup on them!” he said.

BMitch loves Toronto, but he’s glad he never had to eat a lot there!

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