D-Hall: I don't know how Haskins beats out Allen


Could Kyle Allen really beat out Dwayne Haskins to be the Redskins starting quarterback?
The last thing Washington needs right now is a quarterback controversy. And especially a QB controversy involving the 15th overall pick from the 2019 NFL Draft and a player who went undrafted in 2018.
Well, the newly acquired Allen, who arrived in D.C. in a deal for a 2020 fifth-round draft pick, could possibly be the Redskins starter next season for Ron Rivera. At least, that is what former Redskins defensive back DeAngelo Hall believes.
"I think the jury's still out on this kid," Hall said of Haskins. "I think by just not trusting him right now, it's saying a whole lot. And I don't think Dwayne Haskins is gonna respond. A lot of young kids don't respond to that style of coaching. Ron Rivera's an old-school mentality type of coach, he wants competition. These young guys they want things given to them.
"I would've loved to see Dwayne Haskins get the opportunity to be this starting quarterback in Washington, not have a talented guy like Kyle Allen behind him. (But instead) a more veteran seasoned guy behind him that (Haskins) knows the keys are his, and he fully go out there and make mistakes and just be young and energetic. With Kyle Allen breathing down your throat, you are not gonna be able to make many mistakes," Hall said on NFL Network. "I love the kid, but I don't know how (Haskins) wins the starting job, man."
On the surface, Hall wants to see Haskins be given the chance to be Redskins' top quarterback at the start of the season. "I still feel like he should be given the opportunity" to be the starting quarterback, Hall said. But at the same time, Hall is offering a very sharp critique of Haskins: Allen, who was so-so in Carolina in 2019, is better entering next season? That is not a good sign for the development of last year's first-round pick. That is a very worrying sign.
On The Sports Junkies Friday, Jason Bishop added that if the Redskins have any doubts about the quarterback situation now, they must address it with the No. 2 pick in the draft.
"If Ron Rivera uses the word 'if' in any of his thoughts, 'If Haskins can do this, 'If he can't do this.' You have to draft Tua (Tagovailoa) at No. 2" Bishop said. "You can't go into the season thinking, 'Well, we don't love Dwayne, he's our starter, but maybe Kyle Allen can beat him out' because Kyle Allen is not going to be your future franchise quarterback."

David Carr goes a step further: "I think that the best thing for Dwayne Haskins is probably to get traded."

"If you really wanna look at it just based on where they're at right now. Kyle Allen, obviously was brought in by a guy, Ron Rivera, who likes him, who traded a fifth-round pick for him," Carr said. "I think that the best thing for (Haskins) would be to go somewhere where people still value him.

"And I think he still has some value. And that's the other thing because I think everyone around the league knows that this kid was put in a terrible situation (last season)."

Carr added the Redskins have options if they wanted to move Haskins because his contract isn't an issue, they could start Allen in 2020 and draft Chase Young, or draft a quarterback at No. 2.

"It's a tough situation for everybody, including Dwayne, right now," Carr said, "because he's not getting a fair shake."

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