Grant & Danny's 3rd Annual Thanksgiving Food Draft brings a problem: Is prime rib a Thanksgiving food?


If only Grant Paulsen and Danny Rouhier, and Ryan Clary and Darris Dameron, shared a holiday meal...well, it would be interesting based on the results of the Third Annual G&D Show Thanksgiving Foods Draft held Friday!

Danny Rouhier drew the No. 1 pick and snagged stuffing, a smart move perhaps given when else do you actually eat it? Grant Paulsen then traded his third-round pick to Ryan to move up from 3 to 2, and we’ll let you decide if his selection of mashed potatoes is more the Eagles trading up for DeVonta Smith or the Chargers trading up for Ryan Leaf…but that’s when it got weird.

Ryan used No. 3 on mac and cheese (really?), Darris finished the round with honey-baked ham (not a proper noun unless hey, sales guys, sponsorship?), and then, after 11 picks of delicious meats, sides, and desserts, Danny went Charles Barkley and selected…prime rib?

To be fair, dark meat turkey was also off the board, but instead of white meat, or maybe a nice pork roast or chicken, DR went all Sunday special…and the guys were livid, but as he said, "innovators are never understood in their own lifetime."

So, we invite you, intrepid reader/listener, to give your take while Grant signs a ton of undrafted free agents, Ryan stocks up on a Boston Market kids meal, and Darris celebrates Easter: is prime rib a Thanksgiving food?

Featured Image Photo Credit: Brett Coomer/Houston Chronicle via Getty Images