Ryan Zimmerman credits Marlins outfielder with 'greatest worst catch of all time'


Hey, you've got to give credit where it's due.

Marlins outfielder Jesus Sanchez may have made unnecessary work for himself Monday night, but he got the job done, even if it may have looked like a circus act.

The madness began in the top of the fourth, when Nationals outfielder Lane Thomas sprung a fly ball deep down the right field line into foul territory. Giving chase, Sanchez inadvertently missed his mark by overrunning the ball. Nearing the wall, Sanchez leaned back against his momentum and plucked the ball out of the sky with his bare hand.

After nearly lucking into a free base, Thomas looked on in disbelief.

"That was like the greatest worst catch of all time," Ryan Zimmerman joked with The Sports Junkies during his weekly appearance, presented by MainStreet Bank.

"He made an absolutely easy, routine fly ball into one of the best catches of all time," he said. "But yeah, you've got to give him credit. The guy overruns the ball and then catches it with his bare hand."

The play was reminiscent of a catch made by Kevin Mitchell for the Giants in April 1989.

Between Sanchez, who's 23, and 23-year-old infielder Jazz Chisholm, Zimmerman remarked how the Marlins have an exciting crop of young players coming along nicely.

"They've got some pretty good, young, talented guys there," he said. "We'll see how they pan out and what happens as their careers go on, but a few of those guys there are pretty exciting to watch and they've got a chance to be decent."

Catch Ryan Zimmerman at the 27:35 mark below.

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