BMitch: Ron Rivera not setting good example for players when dealing with media


After listening to chunks of Ron Rivera’s postgame press conference on Sunday, BMitch called the head coach out for his lack of answers to questions from the media, and how it reflects poor leadership to the rest of the team when it comes to handling interviews in what has been a frustrating season.

“As a player in this league, I’ve always been told I have to answer questions and deal with the media, this that and the other,” BMitch said. “Since I was a little boy, I was always taught to answer the question truthfully and honestly, and it will not haunt me as much. Why is it, over the last three or four years, that our leadership gets mad at the media and wants to be short, very, very disrespectful at times and get annoyed, but the players are not allowed to do that?”

BMitch says it is a trend that has gone on in Washington since before Rivera arrived has head coach, but he doesn’t see anything being done differently to improve upon working with reporters, which isn’t a good look for the head coach in terms of his ability to lead.

“It’s been awhile here, been pre-Ron, where front office, head coaches, and coaches always mention media and other people about how it is,” BMitch said. “What do the players do right now? The same exact damn thing. So there’s leadership going on, just not in the right direction.

“I’ve walked in front of a camera and a mic, and I’m highly pissed off. But I’m always told I have to stay under control and answer the question properly. How do you expect players to keep doing it when the coach doesn’t do it?”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Stacy Revere | Getty Images