Danny goes off on 'litigious little myopic loser' Dan Snyder in epic rant


Dan Snyder still won’t agree to testify to congress, and that refusal sparked an epic rant from Danny on Monday’s show.

“Him being held accountable is the only thing I care about,” Danny said. “I’m big-picture Billy here. I don’t begrudge people who roll their eyes at this stuff because it seems like it never goes anywhere…I know it’s gonna be a letdown.

“He’s now the worst owner in sports…he’s the one. This tyrant nobody likes dealing with, but we have to begrudgingly. All it’s gonna take is a couple dominoes to fall and everyone stands up and says ‘You know what, we don’t have to do this, we can and should do better.’ That’s my hope.”

The eight-minute rant included Danny pointing right to Snyder as the landmark for when the Commanders franchise began to crumble, and it hasn’t been the same since. The only way to rectify that is to get him under oath and in front of congress to expose the truth.

“It’s a really hard bridge to cross,” Danny said. “This is, ‘Are my kids going to be Commanders fans? Will they ever fill the stadium again? Will they have people that want to go there for anything, or will it be the same set of cronies with different job titles recycling the same bullcrap?’

“I’m not asking for a Patriots, Steelers, Seahawks dynasty...regular, normal, good football seasons. Remember those? We have not had one since 1999, when this tyrant, litigious little myopic loser took over this team and ran it into the ground.”

Simply put, Danny says congress needs to take the gloves off and make sure Snyder testifies.

“Get him!” Danny said. “Subpoena him right now! Make him talk! Bring him before me and make him speak his untruths!”