Junkies say it's time for Roger Goodell to urge owners to vote out Dan Snyder


New details have emerged about the 2009 sexual assault allegation against Dan Snyder, just as a committee hearing on workplace misconduct at the Commanders gets set to begin.

It’s the continuation of a firestorm around the Washington franchise that The Sports Junkies say will only be put out if NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, who is testifying at the hearing, initiates a movement to force Snyder out as franchise owner.

“He works for all of the owners, not just for Daniel Snyder,” JP said. “Part of his job is to deflect and take bullets for Daniel Snyder. But it’s also for the greater good of the rest of the owners in the league. If I were Goodell, I would get all the other owners in the room besides Dan Snyder and say, ‘This guy is a blight on our business. He’s costing you guys money…He is bad for NFL business. Get me the 24 votes to push him out the door.’ That’s what I would be doing if I were Roger Goodell.

“He’s even smart enough to know that Dan Snyder is bad for the NFL. Bad for Washington.”

Lurch agrees that at some point, it has to happen.

“They’re gonna be forced to do it,” he said. “They just can’t continue the bad PR from one bad franchise. It’s been like this for years. It never ends.”

Despite that being what they believe should happen, they don’t think it will.

“I don’t think it will rise to that level,” JP said. “I don’t think that will happen. But if the other owners were smart, they would gang up on Dan Snyder and push him out the door.”