Grant & Danny react to Jamin Davis' cryptic Instagram post about criticism


It's not quite clear who Jamin Davis was calling out in a cryptic Instagram post sent Monday afternoon, but it comes on the heels of the second-year linebacker being publicly criticized by his Commanders coaching staff.

106.7 The Fan's Grant Paulsen and Danny Rouhier tried their hand at interpreting the message and offered their reactions.

"It's a picture of Davis from the game [on Sunday]," Paulsen explained. "Then it's a video of him sacking Jared Goff — the caption is 'Resilient as ever.' And then it's a video, I think it's from what we can tell from 'Django Unchained.'"

"But basically in the video," he continued, "it's someone saying, 'All you do is criticize, criticize, criticize!'"

"But he turned off his comments," Paulsen said. "Is he talking about Jack Del Rio? Is he talking about Ron Rivera? Is he talking about Danny Rouhier? Because EVERYBODY, everybody criticizes this guy. But now his own coaches are calling him out every chance they get."

The 19th overall pick in 2021, Davis has come along slowly since the start of his rookie season, in which he started eight games and finished with 76 tackles and one sack. Davis finished Sunday's 36-27 loss to Detroit with four combined tackles, one tackle for loss and sacked Goff once.

"I mean, an enormous bleep, bleeping bleep you to the Commanders for making me do Instagram translations the day after they should have beaten the Lions," Rouhier said. "Like, we're doing this now. And I'm not blaming you, because he did. Now he's doing it, I have to interpret the meaning and now I'm not sure who he's talking to. Ah, it's so annoying. Please just behave like a normal team. Just be normal."

"Just curious to see him, after his coaches have been calling him out, posting about criticism and a highlight of one of his plays," Paulsen said.

The Instagram post has since been deleted, but not before being liked by Commanders teammate Bobby McCain.