Fred Smoot tells BMitch & Lynnell a sloppy slog at FedEx Sunday benefits Commanders vs. Bills


The Mouth of the South, NFL version, Fred Smoot joined Brian Mitchell & Lynnell Willingham on Friday to preview Bills-Commanders because, as BMitch said, “I went to sleep last night and heard his voice leaving the game late last night!”

Of course, he clowned a little on Lynnell, even though ‘that’s my dude,’ because ‘when you in the locker room and mess with a dude, that means you love him!’

Anywho, BMitch thinks the Commanders have a puncher’s chance against the Bills despite many not believing, and Fred Smoot is all about that notion.

“That’s how we like it. We like to be the underdog and America loves the underdog story, but there’s no pressure on our guys,” Smoot said. “They put all the pressure on Josh Allen because they’re looking at him and saying you should win this game, and I can give you a couple reasons why he shouldn’t.”

Those reasons, Fred?

“First of all, you coming to FedEx and it'll be a packed house…we haven't had a home field advantage in over what, two decades? Well, it's back, and that’s plus three points right there,” Smoot said. “We have a quarterback that's gifted – which can be a curse, too, but he tries to do it – and we have an opportunistic defense with a back end that will get the ball back and a front end that will make you make mistakes. There’s some key matchups in there where they match up well, and like they did with Russell Wilson, we’re gonna spy him sideline to sideline, and stop the rushing game with the front four.”

Allen is much more mobile, and much bigger, than Russell Wilson and Josh Dobbs, though, so Smoot knows that even though Allen is a turnover machine, he’s also a lot harder to figure out sometimes when you’re a DB.

“We have a couple of dilemmas on our hand right here because he's a running quarterback, which takes coverages out of our playbook,” Smoot said. “We can't play two man under, which is where we get interceptions from because we literally have two deep safeties and we're mimicking whatever they do, because he’s a running quarterback. We don’t want to turn our back on him, so we’re forced to play zone, with all 11 of us looking at the quarterback and making plays off of there. Expect a lot of zone blitz and maybe some cover three match, but you're gonna have to take certain coverages out of there.”

Smoot says the DBs will still be looking to get their hands on the ball, though, and on what’s sure to be a sloppy slog at FedEx on Sunday, protecting the ball is of the utmost importance.

“It’s a game of turnovers, and from what Mother Nature says, it's gonna be a little nasty out there come Sunday,” Smoot said. “I think that works in our favor because then you have to lean on the running game, and I’ll take our backfield over anything that Buffalo has over there with Murray and Cook. So, I think the game will start to lean in the favor of us a little bit.”

Take a listen above to Smoot’s entire preview of the game!

Featured Image Photo Credit: Paras Griffin/Getty Images