Grant & Danny 'commend' Kam Curl for showing up to OTAs and doing some work despite contract battle


Kamren Curl is not practicing during Commanders OTAs, but he is there at the facility in meetings with his teammates and doing individual drills in lieu of 11-on-11 and 7-on-7 team drills.

This is what Curl said about the situation on Wednesday:

“I’m just coming to work, being around the guys, doing my job and being 100 percent healthy. I’m just coming to work with the guys, I like being around my team, so that’s why I’m here.”

Curl, if you don’t recall, is in the final year of his rookie deal with the Commanders, and is looking for an extension in a process that hasn’t exactly been going smoothly. Yet, like Daron Payne last year, here he is at OTAs, doing some work and at least being there, unlike Chase Young.

And, it was a breath of fresh air, for Grant Paulsen at least, to hear Curl’s words.

“I think the biggest thing to here is he likes being around the guys. This is someone in the middle of a contract dispute, probably in a now or never situation, but he’s the equivalent Daron Payne last year,” Grant said. “Payne showed up, and he didn’t go through all the team stuff, but he was there and opted in, and he kicked butt all season and got paid handsomely. Curl is going to try to do the same.”

Which, in Grant’s mind, is ‘a really good start’ to the process.

“I commend and applaud him for deciding to prioritize practice,” Grant continued. “One thing I keep hearing is people referring to OTAs as workouts, as if it’s just getting in the gym and lifting weights, and coaches teaching plays. This is actual practice, which is a big difference; the whole team is together and practicing football, and there are only like eight or nine of these this year. If you’re not there this week, you’re missing out on three of those opportunities to practice ahead of training camp.”

Danny Rouhier’s reaction?

“Again, it’s a limited time, and I love it when guys take advantage,” Danny said. “I understand why the CBA is what it is, but with less and less time to play in football games – nobody plays in the preseason anymore, and there is limited time to get together in your system and get better at your craft, be with your teammates, and learn tendencies – I love it when guys take advantage of those chances.”

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