GRANT & DANNY: Matt Lombardo, Ben Standig join the show to discuss Terry McLaurin


At least until news broke of Stephen Strasburg going back to the I.L., the huge news of the day in the Beltway was Commanders receiver Terry McLaurin opting to skip the team’s mandatory minicamp while the two sides try to work out a long-term deal.

McLaurin seems to want to be a Commander, even if he could lose almost six figures of his $2.79 million salary for this year by skipping camp – but could the team decide to trade him if the impasse continues?

“There's a common thread here on the players' side that if you're Terry McLaurin, and seeing guys like A.J. Brown cash in, you're thinking it's time to get mine,” NFL Insider Matt Lombardo told Grant & Danny Monday. "But on the team side of things, the Commanders seem unwilling to back up the truck because there's uncertainty at the quarterback position, even with Carson Wentz. So the belief around the league is that if you're waiting for a deal, the sticking point might be at quarterback - and with some similar receivers, a guy like Terry McLaurin might be a luxury for the Commanders."

Lombardo also believes that the Commanders' draft picks, as well as the way the receiver market has unfolded, may be a tell of where the future lies.

"The biggest issue here is that they're trying to stave off this explosion in the wide receiver market and hoping it normalizes, after they maybe got caught flat-footed by how this evolved," Lombardo said, "and when they drafted Jahan Dotson, it seemed like they wer ethinking two steps ahead to life without Terry McLaurin, because they could be similar players. And, if you look at how McLaurin is valued around the league, they may be able to get a quality player and multiple picks for him."

Lombardo had an idea of where McLaurin's prime destination may be, and also, The Athletic’s Ben Standig joined the show to discuss his Monday morning piece about McLaurin’s holdout and what his price tag may be. Grant & Danny of course gave their thoughts, too, so take a listen to all three segments!