Grant sounds off on 'embarrassing,' 'disqualifying loss' for current Commanders regime


Grant was flying solo on a misery Monday, so he took the keys to drive the Commanders anti-hype train after Sunday’s loss to the lowly Giants.

“The same, bad Giants team came to FedEx Field, they brought thousands of their fans with them, beat Washington, took a bunch of cold showers, and went home,” Grant said. “What an embarrassing loss that was yesterday...what a bad loss for Rivera. Yet again, the Commanders made a bad team look good. You let a 2-8 club come into your building and embarrass your fans again. You forced your season ticket holders to swallow their pride and do their walk of shame that they know all too well…as Giants fans yell at them, as they make their way to the parking lot.

“For right now, as you’ve been asked to come back to the stadium and support this operation…the last four times the Commanders have played at home, they’ve lost all four of those games.”

Grant also sounded off on Ron Rivera, who looks to be heading towards a fourth straight losing season since taking over as head coach, and Sunday’s loss feels like the type that seals the fate of the coaching staff when ownership assesses the state of the franchise after the season.

“There has not been a head coach in Washington D.C. who has been here for four seasons and not had a winning season since some guy named Bill McPeak in the 60s,” Grant said.

“Yesterday was a disqualifying loss for this regime. This was a ‘If you can’t handle this assignment, there is not much reason for you to keep working here’ kind of game.”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Tom Hauck | Getty Images