SI's Matt Verderame gives the Junkies the keys to the Commanders upsetting Philadelphia


Matt Verderame, an NFL writer for, joined The Junkies to go around the league on Tuesday, touching on the Bears’ disaster of a start, Denver giving up 70 to the Dolphins, Arizona upsetting Dallas, Philly dominating Tampa Bay ahead of a date with the Commanders, and more.

So, after seeing both teams this week, how does Washington rebound from a lopsided loss to Buffalo and try to beat the Eagles?

“Last year they split the games and Washington won at Philly on a Monday night, so to me, it comes down to how much can the Commanders’ D-line win against an excellent offensive front,” Verderame said. “Can you affect Hurts? Can you slow down the running game, which has made Swift look like Walter Payton? If you’re anybody playing Philly, the number one thing is at least playing to a draw up front, and then, on offense, you have to be able to give Howell more time against that front. Howell has been up and down, but you expect that – but they have to play to a draw at the line of scrimmage.”

Take a listen to Verderame’s entire call-in above, with the Commanders-Eagles talk starting about nine minutes into the clip!

Featured Image Photo Credit: Cooper Neill/Getty Images