The Junkies grade Sam Howell's performance: 'I wish you guys were my teachers in high school'


In evaluating Sam Howell’s performance against the Giants on Sunday, most of the Junkies spared him an F, though Cakes didn’t understand while his colleagues were being so lenient.

“I’m gonna give him a D, just because I thought he competed,” EB said. “He forced balls, made some bad decisions, but I love the toughness…I actually thought we were gonna steal the game late, but he forced it.”

JP followed with a D- grade, again sparing Howell an F despite throwing three interceptions.

“Bad decisions,” JP said. “I went back and looked at the interceptions…if you’re trying to throw the ball out of bounds, you gotta get it out of bounds.”

That’s when Cakes called the gang out for being too soft in their grading scale.

“I really wish you guys were my teachers in high school, because you’re very generous handing out Ds for what was clearly an F performance,” Cakes said. “I’m sorry, that’s an F bordering on an F-.”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Rob Carr | Getty Images