'Et tu, Brute?' Has Bruce Allen turned on Dan Snyder?


Has former Washington Football Team president Bruce Allen turned on his old pal Dan Snyder?

It's been more than a year since Snyder fired Allen after 10 years of employment (read: running the team into the ground). One of the more scintillating details to come from a Front Office Sports exclusive report on Monday — which chronicles court filings of Snyder's ongoing defamation lawsuit against Washington minority owner Dwight Schar — covers some of what Allen's been doing with his time since his Dec. 2019 firing.

The Front Office Sports report from AJ Perez describes that John Moag — founder of investment banking firm Moag & Company, which is handling the sale of the minority stake in Washington owned by Fred Smith, Robert Rothman and Schar — has prior knowledge of an online smear campaign Snyder alleges was orchestrated by Schar.

According to Perez, Snyder claims that Schar led the "extortion campaign" in an effort to force Snyder to sell his majority share of the Washington Football Team. While Moag has denied having any involvement in the campaign, court documents uncovered by Perez show that Moag was deeply engaged in conversations with Allen.

"So all of this is likely going to come out in court, we think, and some of it's redacted," JP Finlay said reacting to the report on 106.7 The Fan's BMitch & Finlay on Tuesday. "I find this pretty interesting. This is a classic Et tu, Brute?"

"The 18-page filing in India also stated Moag exchanged 87 phone calls with former Washington Football Team President Bruce Allen," the report says. "The two talked more than 22 hours total. Moag and Allen also exchanged text and email messages that 'prove' the two were 'focused on negative publicity directed at [Snyder],' according to the filing."

"That is wild!" Finlay declared.

"It's not wild," Brian Mitchell replied.

"Bruce worked for Dan for 10 years," Finlay noted.

"Okay," replied BMitch. "And everybody always said, 'What does he have on him?' Come on, man. I'm not surprised that that came out."

Whatever the contents of their discussions, 87 reported phone calls between Moag and Allen for more than 22 hours of elapsed conversation is a staggering amount. At the very least, it shows Allen is heavily invested in the situation, to whatever end that may lead.

And what it could represent is something much larger, with Allen hypothetically spilling 10 years of dirt on Snyder after being fired. For now, that's all just speculative. But the cracks in Washington's ownership group are beginning to splinter and it's tempting to wonder what else could spill out next.