SNIDER: Is Jon Gruden first casualty of coming NFL civil war?


The NFL is playing a new game.

With 650,000 emails to mine for extortion, the league has a treasure trove of potential blackmail to remove people whenever desired. Thanks to an investigation into the Washington Football Team's misdoings, someone can leak damaging emails at will. When Las Vegas coach Jon Gruden wouldn't go quietly after the first email was somehow released, a second more damaging one followed and Gruden exited the game.

This is Squid Game 101 – eliminate your rivals.

Of course, don't do anything wrong and you're safe. But, the NFL is the ultimate old boys club in America. Owners are rich beyond financial leverage so public shaming will now be used on top executives. Who knew public shaming was even a thing anymore, but Gruden's racist and homophobic slurs proved enough for his exit. Don't be fooled – this was a targeted hit on Gruden, who mouths off too much and angered the wrong people.

The real question, though, is how did Washington owner Dan Snyder get a mere slap on the wrist with all this mayhem running through Ashburn? Gruden's emails were exchanged with Washington president Bruce Allen, who was fired in 2019 for simple incompetence. Allen is out of the game and can't be punished by the NFL, but his legacy lives on. And, maybe more than we yet know.

Meanwhile, the NFL simply removed Snyder from any direct sanctions by simply fining the team $10 million and softly asking he work on his new stadium project for a while. It was a gift. Snyder is now out of publ