Rouhier: Starting Allen over Haskins is 'waste of time'


Two weeks ago, Ron Rivera made the switch at quarterback from Dwayne Haskins to Kyle Allen because now is the chance to take “a shot at the short-term for the short-term glory.”

So what is Washington getting out of playing Allen over the No. 15 overall pick from a year ago? No glory and an 0-2 record.

“Ron Rivera and Scott Turner, every game you play Kyle Allen is a waste of time,” Danny Rouhier said on Grant & Danny Monday.

“You had a developmental season and you decided not to develop. This was wrong. Every step of this process is wrong,” Rouhier said referring to the chance to develop second-year QB Haskins. “I don’t care how well (Allen) plays or how poorly he plays, you signed up for this rollercoaster ride, this was a mistake.”

Rouhier admits Haskins’ illness (which came after Rivera’s decision to bench him) the last few weeks makes the decision to play Allen these two weeks easier, but going forward, sticking with Allen once Haskins is healthy would be foolish. (Especially if Haskins is sat behind Alex Smith in the depth chart and not dressed.)

“You made the first-round pick from last year a third-string ‘hey, stay after practice and throw to our practice squad tight end to get yourself some reps.’ And you inserted Kyle Allen, who is friends with the offensive coordinator,” Rouhier said. “These games are now kind of an official silly season waste of time.”

Rouhier added that when they benched Haskins for Allen, “This year went from having a point to that point is gone so now what are we doing?”

Allen has only played half as many games as Haskins, but in those 2 starts Allen has done two things no quarterback can do: Got himself injured in one game and lost the other with a terrible turnover.

The states for Allen against a previously winless Giants team aren’t pretty: 26 of his 31 completions traveled eight yards down the field or less, 10 of them were behind the line of scrimmage, his average intended air yards (6.2) was 4th fewest in the NFL in Week 6 and his 4.6 completed air yards was 7th fewest.

“I'm baffled, BAFFLED, by this narrative that the offense is any different (with Allen),” Rouhier said on Twitter. “He's (definitely) made some mobility plays. He also has thrown underneath even more than Haskins did. All that knowing the system & awareness didn't stop him from vomiting the ball away for a Giants TD.”

On Sunday Allen was 31/42 for 280 (6.7 yards per attempt) with two touchdowns, a pick, and a fumble. That was against the No. 21 rated pass defense by Football Outsiders.

In his last start, Haskins was 32/45 for 314 yards (7 yards per attempt) without a turnover. And that was against Football Outsider’s 7the rated pass defense

And while some may point to Allen’s performance against New York as proof of better play, the advanced stats don’t see the two QBs play as that different. For completed air yards for the season: Haskins 3.8, Allen 3.8, which puts the duo tied at second-fewest in the league behind Jimmy Garoppolo’s 3.5.

And so far the former No. 15 overall pick has a slight edge, despite not putting up spectacular numbers himself, in some categories. Haskins has the higher average intended air yards: 7 yards to Allen’s 5.3, which is the lowest total in the NFL.

On average Air Yards to Sticks (which measures if a passer is attempting a pass past the 1st down marker or relying on yards after the catch), Haskins’ total is low at -2.1, but Allen’s is worse at -3.7 and lowest in the NFL.

When announcing Haskins’ benching, Rivera said, “Dwayne needs some more work. He just hasn’t had enough work yet.”

But the head coach added, “I think the best chance to have things done in our offense is in somebody else’s hands.”

For Rouhier it is simple: There is little reward for Washington to continue to give game time to Allen, who was undrafted out of college and now has turned the ball over 28 times in 17 games and doesn’t have the makings of a future starter in the NFL, instead of Haskins, who was a drafted in the first round is in need of playing time to develop and still has the potential to improve.

“(Allen) should not be on the field for a rebuilding team,” Rouhier said.

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