SNIDER: A new look is commanding


Ladies and gentlemen – your Washington Commanders.

Well, OK. It's a decent name. Better than Washington Football Team, not as good as Redskins, but history moves on and nobody will think about the latter years from now.

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But for now, Commanders being met with criticism was expected from a disgruntled fan base of one of the NFL's worst teams. Fans online winced from the jerseys, the name, the logo. They're pretty much bitter.

But, give it a chance. Really, you have no choice because the name's not changing for a fifth time.

Commanders is as good as anything Washington could manage. It has ties to the heavy military presence in the nation's capital. A lot of fans wanted wolves, but it didn't happen. Hogs left me cold. So, Commanders is fine, despite knowing opposing fans will call them Commies. Book that.

The uniforms are a mixed reaction. I like the burgundy. Looks sleek, color is perfect. The white looks too plain. The black has no connection with the team's history. Somewhere, Jim Zorn is smiling. Today's fans like black and it's all about selling merchandise. There's no law saying the team can't add a color.

The W is decent. W is a hard letter to make look sexy. The Nats' "Curley W" is OK, but W on hats looks too boxy in general. The team made this one look better than usual.

The logo has a problem. First, it's too simplistic. Second, why is the word "football" included? Third, the dates are misleading. Yes, the team won three Super Bowls in January, but it's always considered the previous year. So, the team won the 1982, '87 and '91 years — not '83, '88 and '92.

A fight song update is to come. President Jason Wright said the team is working on keeping parts of "Hail to the Redskins" so maybe the band will play "Hail to the Commanders" next season after scores. Just have to eliminate American Indian language. Maybe it won't come off lame and everyone can change the hashtag to #HTTC.

"Not the best-kept secret in D.C.," owner Dan Snyder lamented on Wednesday after a news helicopter filmed a Commanders banner in the team store 13 hours earlier. But, it was not surprising. After Warriors and Wolves were eliminated, Commanders made the most sense. Sentinels would have been a more local name for the guardians of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery, but Commanders became the frontrunner. Give Wright credit, he kept the secret until nearly the end and tried to keep the new name and look in connection with the team's history.

Now, how long before people stop saying Redskins? A few years at least. But, few say Bullets nowadays despite its lame Wizards successor. This is all about the new generation of fans that will fill the coming 2027 stadium. They'll embrace it more quickly and Redskins will fade away. Years from now, people will wonder what was the fuss?

Rick Snider has covered Washington sports since 1978. Follow him on Twitter: @Snide_Remarks.

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