Washington Football wearing new 'all-burgundy' uniforms


When it comes to NFL uniforms, there is a scale: One nod is good. Two nods is very good. There's only been one actual smile on record.

So to make sure things do not get too stale, after two weeks and two wins wearing all-white uniforms, the Washington Football Team has made a change.

They are sticking with a single color, but Sunday vs. the Seattle Seahawks, Ron Rivera’s side will be in all-burgundy uniforms.

The team announced the change in style with a very famous anchorman:

Of course, after scoring consecutive wins with all-white there may be a temptation to not change what is working, but this is the NFL and there are probably weird rules about the number of times a team can wear certain colors or else they will feel a Miranda Priestly-like wrath from Roger Goodell so a change was probably necessary.

But fear not the early Sports Fashion review: They look even better on the field.

Of course, they will look even better if Washington can score an upset over the Seahawks at FedEx Field Sunday afternoon.

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