EB thinks Jaden Ivey is Michael Jordan-esque?


The Wizards have the No. 10 pick in the NBA Draft next week, although to one of the Sports Junkies, it’s going to take a better pick this year (and/or going forward) to get a true game-changer.

“We’ve talked about it with the Wiz: with your first round pick, you have to get a superstar,” Jason Bishop said. “John Wall was great but injuries killed him, Beal has been real good but is just not of those guys that can carry a team. They need a guy they draft in the Top 5 that’s gonna be a star, that’s the only way you’re going to get back to the top.”

With that, debate raged about the Top 3 picks, which seem to be pretty set depending on team preference, and that’s when EB chimed in with some love for Purdue’s Jaden Ivey, who is reportedly a hot commodity that’s got Sacramento fielding a ton of calls for No. 4.

“He looks to me like the closest thing to Ja Morant I’ve seen in a couple years, and I think this guy has a chance to be superstar – dare I say there’s some Jordan-like things to him?” EB said. “He’s a little smaller but has long legs, long arms…this dude is a beast!”

We'll never doubt Eric's ideas, but Ivey definitely has the pedigree, as both of his parents were athletes at Notre Dame who went pro: his dad, as his dad, Javin Hunter, was a wide receiver who spent five NFL seasons with the Ravens and 49ers, and his mom, Niele Ivey, was a point guard who spent five years in the WNBA and succeeded Muffet McGraw as the head coach of the Fighting Irish women’s team in 2020.