JUNKIES: John Feinstein urges a 'wait and see' approach with new Wizards front office


This week’s Feinstein Friday was heavy on the LIV/PGA merger, but the Junkies had to ask John about the new Wizards’ brass, and whether we should be optimistic or skeptical about the direction of the franchise.

The answer, in Feinstein’s eyes, is neither.

“At this point, they’re 0-0, they’ve done nothing wrong and nothing right, so this is a sit back and see what happens deal,” Feinstein said.
“I thought Tommy Sheppard would do a good job and I was wrong because they were running in mud – but whenever you hire someone, they always have the greatest reputations in history, but you have to wait and see.”

The issue, he says, is the roster.

“Michael Winger and Will Dawkins are walking into a tough situation because of the roster,” he said. “What do they do with Beal, Kuzma, and Porzingis? Do they try to build around them, or blow it up?”

Cakes can’t envision the Wizards running it back with the same group again, and neither can Feinstein, but then again…

“One thing about Ted (Leonsis) that is both a strength and a weakness is that he’s very patient,” Feinstein said. “It’s hard to miss the playoffs these days, but the fact is I don’t blame Ted for starting over; the last time he did that, when he fired everyone with the Capitals, they won the Stanley Cup a couple years later. But, the Capitals haven’t won a playoff series since they won the Cup, so you never know.”

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Kenny Giarla/NBAE via Getty Images