Taco Bell shouts out Johnny Davis after his selection in NBA Draft


Johnny Davis was very recognizable from his Taco Bell commercial that saw him ditch a fictitious draft night for some delicious tacos after hearing the company’s signature chime – so much so, in fact, that Twitter was abuzz when he was drafted Thursday night and they realized he was an actual player.

Well, Taco Bell wasn’t passing up a chance for some free publicity after Davis was drafted, Tweeting out a sign from one location in Davis’ hometown of LaCrosse, Wisconsin, congratulating him on being the No. 10 overall pick:

Taco Bell has over 1.9 million followers, quite many more than the 11K Davis has (although that’s sure to grow now that he’s an NBA player) and the 50K or so population of LaCrosse.

And, hey, if Davis gets a late-night craving once he gets to DC officially, NBC Sports Washington figured out that there are 27 Taco Bell locations in the D.C. area – so he can run for the border in either Virginia or Maryland and get a tasty fourth meal.

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