The Guide to the Washington Commanders' Offseason

Adam Epstein and the Richmond Times-Dispatch's Michael Phillips broke down what might be on the horizon for the Commanders this offseason.
Washington Commanders head coach Ron Rivera reacts to a call during the team's game against the New York Giants in January 2023.
Washington Commanders head coach Ron Rivera reacts to a call during the team's game against the New York Giants in January 2023. Photo credit Getty Images

The offseason leading up to the 2023-24 Washington Commanders season will likely be one of the most eventful in recent team history.

With rumors and predictions swirling, Adam Epstein and Richmond Times-Dispatch editor Michael Phillips discussed what might be ahead for the team.

"I'm all in on Eric Bieniemy," AWadd said. Phillips agreed.

"As an offensive coordinator for this football team, you're not going to do better," Phillips said. "Would I give him the full reins as head coach and full power? I don't know. There aren't even warning signs, there's just things we don't know.

"One, he hasn't called plays, and that's a big question mark. Two, you often see the quarterbacks coach or Andy Reid or somebody else chatting with [Patrick] Mahomes when we see him on TV. They love Bieniemy, they all go to the mat for him, Andy Reid goes to the mat for him. We don't see him on that minute-to-minute engaged level during the game that you see some of the offensive coordinators [on]. All that said, yes, I would sign up for Eric Bieniemy in a heartbeat. That's clearly the best they can do."

Discussions have also concerned the potential for Sam Howell to become the starter next season.

"I think Sam Howell as the quarterback this year is something we can all make peace with," Phillips said. "Maybe he balls out -- that'd be a great outcome. But even if he doesn't, I think we can all agree it's more prudent to not sign a big name, make a big splash right now. Let all this other change wash over -- could be a new coach next year. I think it's a win-or-get-fired year for Ron Rivera. I wouldn't let this group make a defining decision for the next five years. They have to earn the ability to do that first."

"[My mind] says, 'hey, go with Sam Howell,'" Epstein added. "If he strikes out, you go with Caleb Williams, if he strikes out you go [with a] first-round pick again and again and again."

Ownership issues regarding Dan Snyder have headlined the franchise for the past few months, with questions of whether Snyder will sell the whole team, some of the team or none of the team.

"I think the NFL would be fine with him keeping 10%, 5%, whatever it is," Phillips said. "I think the NFL wants him out of the majority decision-maker seat."

Epstein had a bit less in mind.

"I'm not okay with that," he said. "[I want] 0%. His stench is not going to leave until he's not connected at all. He'll find a way to muck it up."

You can listen to the entire hour Phillips spent in-studio below.

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