When Will New Richmond Ballpark, Diamond District Get Done?

The Diamond on Opening Day for the Richmond Flying Squirrels on April 8, 2023.
The Diamond on Opening Day for the Richmond Flying Squirrels on April 8, 2023. Photo credit Adam Cheek

It seems more certain than ever that the Diamond will be replaced in Richmond, after the city and a developer made a deal to construct a new baseball stadium as well as the "Diamond District" in the surrounding area.

Richmond Times-Dispatch reporter Eric Kolenich joined Adam Epstein on Wednesday (April 26) to discuss the latest.

"With the caveat of nothing is for sure," he said, "if they go with the plan that they're currently talking about, if they're able to finalize this thing and actually build a stadium where they're planning to build it, it would be very close to where the Diamond currently is -- just south of the Diamond.

"There's this big grassy area along the railroad, there's a bridge that goes over Arthur Ashe Boulevard. That's where the new stadium would be, pretty much adjacent to the current one, kind of in that corner where the railroad and Arthur Ashe Boulevard meet. That's kind of where our home plate would be."

The Richmond Flying Squirrels and VCU baseball both currently occupy the stadium.

"This is something that the city has talked about, literally, for 20 years," Kolenich added. "If you've lived here long enough, you might remember, it was like 2003 [or] 2004 when they started talking about this idea of renovating the Diamond -- 'we don't need a new stadium, we'll just renovate the one we currently have.' That was 20 years ago.

"I think people are just kind of wondering [...] 'what's taking so long?' I think that's the big question people are asking."

Check out more from the interview below.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Adam Cheek