10 Reasons the Commanders Will Win the NFC East

Sam Howell hands the ball off to Jonathan Williams during a Washington Commanders game in 2023.
Sam Howell hands the ball off to Jonathan Williams during a Washington Commanders game in 2023. Photo credit Getty Images

After going over an article describing the 10 reasons the Washington Commanders would turn out to be a dumpster fire in the 2023-24 NFL season, Adam Epstein decided to make a list of 10 reasons the team would come out on top in the division instead.

1. Eric Bieniemy. Epstein highlighted the fire Bieniemy has shown during camps and his red-zone creativity.

2. "Sam Howell doesn't need to be great [...] He just needs to be slightly better than Taylor Heinicke. He needs to be Todd Collins, Kirk Cousins lite and I think he has some wheels. We're gonna be surprised at his running ability this season for Washington."

3. Epstein predicted Washington's defensive line will be top-three in the NFL, thanks to Jonathan Allen, Daron Payne, Montez Sweat and Chase Young, and that it will lead the league in quarterback pressures.

4. "The wide receiver trio is ready to break out, and I think what's interesting about these guys is they all have a different skill set. I would say [Terry] McLaurin is your 50/50 guy that can catch all the jump balls, and he's also a great third down receiver. Jahan Dotson led the team in touchdowns last year because he's a great route runner, and then Curtis Samuel is a yards-after-catch type of guy. You're gonna get him the ball and let him run in space."

5. Defensive draft picks will shine. Epstein believes Emmanuel Forbes will make noise, Quan Martin will make an impact and more.

6. "The ability to start fast this season and get off to a 2-0 star. That haunted Washington throughout the Rivera era, just starting slow. Last year, you beat Jacksonville, everyone's fired up for the team and then you lose to the Detroit Lions. Are you kidding me?"

7. Epstein wants fans to buy stock in tight end Cole Turner as a red-zone threat and believes Turner will be a standout.

8. "Jack Del Rio's system. I don't think he deserves the blame for [defensive issues] as much as Ron Rivera was  scared to take shots on the offensive end. [...] I think we'll be prepared for the start of week one, and they'll help Washington destroy the Arizona Cardinals."

9. Strength of schedule, given the Eagles, Giants and Cowboys' difficult slates. A division championship could come from the Commanders having the easiest schedule of the four.

10. "This one's the obvious one, slapping you right in the face. No Dan Snyder. No more distractions, no more drama. The team can focus throughout 18 weeks without an off-the-field distraction."

Listen to the full breakdown below.

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