Ted Leonsis in Running To Buy Nationals As Team Sits in Cellar of NL East

Luis Garcia forces out Sean Murphy during a 2023 Nationals-Braves game.
Luis Garcia forces out Sean Murphy during a 2023 Nationals-Braves game. Photo credit Getty Images

The Washington Nationals sit at 7-14 heading into their series with the New York Mets this week, with the first game scheduled for Tuesday (April 25).

Last week, Adam Epstein caught up with Ryan Clary to break down the Nats' woes so far this season, as well as Wizards, Capitals and Mystics owner Ted Leonsis' recent attempt to purchase the team. Washington resides in the cellar of the NL East, three games back of the fourth-place Phillies.

Adam asked Ryan when he thought the Lerners might finally sell the team.

"[Leonsis] has been the frontrunner through this entire thing," Clary said. "We've all kind of expected that Ted Leonsis will be pushing to buy the Washington Nationals and, honestly, I still think he seems interested in it. But in that story that Chelsea James wrote from the Washington Post, she did say that the Lerners could be looking for that $2.4 billion price tag, toward the Mets sold back in 2019."

Clary said the price tag is geared toward and as a result of the high price tag for recent team sales.

"Now, Dan Snyder is selling [the Commanders for] close to $6 billion," he said. "The Lerners are kind of hoping for that sort of jump and to hopefully garner a little more money in that deal, and at this point, it's just not looking like that is the case, and you may ask why. It's because of the massive deal with their TV contract -- that's a whole different case in this situation, considering that they're still in a huge lawsuit with MASN and the Baltimore Orioles. That's a whole 'nother mess that needs to be situated before they can actually sell this team and get the right money that the Lerners' family wants at the end of the day."

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