Jordan Poole's funny reaction to question about Draymond Green


Jordan Poole doesn’t need words to convey how he’s feeling.

Throughout his four-year NBA career thus far, Poole has been a very meme-able player with his funny facial expressions and body language in games, on the bench and off the floor.

For the first time since being traded to the Washington Wizards last week, Poole spoke with reporters in Las Vegas during the NBA’s summer league festivities this weekend. He was asked whether or not he’d heard from Draymond Green yet, and the 24-year-old just shot a quick look to the media member and then moved onto the next question, via Neil Dalal of Hoop District.

Welp, from that interaction we can guess that Draymond and Poole’s relationship hasn’t mended since the veteran punched Poole in an October practice last year. For what it’s worth, Poole quickly unfollowed Draymond on Instagram upon the trade, though he still follows the Warriors and other teammates like Steph Curry and Klay Thompson.

Eventually Poole addressed the Draymond situation with words Saturday, but he deflected the attention towards his new franchise, the Washington Wizards. Anthony Slater of The Athletic shared video from Poole’s media scrum.

“We’re in Washington now,” Poole said. “Playing with Kuz (Kyle Kuzma). Great duo. Being able to really flourish, expand your game and help a new team. Lead an entire group of guys. It’s a challenge that we’re up for.”

Poole knows he won’t be able to learn as much from Steph and Klay from afar, but said they’re just a text message away.

“Those are the two greatest shooters of all-time in my opinion, personally,,” Poole said, via Slater. “Built a relationship to where I can ask them. I can text Steph. I can text Klay. I can call them. Have a conversation. That doesn’t leave. That doesn’t go anywhere. If anything, I just know the plays that they run. The split actions and high-ball screens. Competitive advantage.”Poole probably won’t be hitting up Green anytime soon. Draymond also gave a social media snubbing to Poole recently, as he picked Kuzma over his former teammate while building a hypothetical starting five from teams across the league.

As he enters the fifth year of his career, Poole has the potential to be the face of the franchise for the new-look Wizards. After yo-yo’ing between the bench and a starter’s role the past couple of seasons, he should be a lock for the starting five every night in D.C.

“I think something that was clear was my role fluctuated just a lot over the course of the time,” Poole said. “You find ways to just be effective and make it work. Whatever the opportunity is presented, whatever I’m needed or called to do, I feel like I’ve shown that I’m able to do it any situation – whatever opportunity presents itself. Luckily it’ll be a big one over here, which is cool.”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images