Newell: When will US citizens be labeled essential? Maybe we start with a tarp and $500 for people in NOLA

As south Louisianians encounter roadblocks with FEMA in their efforts to be made whole in the wake of Hurricane Ida, WWL Radio’s Newell Normand takes issue with how the federal government is deciding to spend its money instead.

We’re trying to get a blue roof…a tarp.  A tarp.  We’re trying to get a tarp .

We have members in Congress wanting to give away $100 billion to others trying to gain entry into this country illegally, and we cannot get a freaking tarp!

Let’s put it in the context that is meaningful to the plight of our fellow citizens, neighbors and parishioners right here to the west of Jefferson Parish and the west of Orleans that are down & out: We can’t get a tarp, but we’re gonna go give $100 billion, and that's just the beginning.

We’re arguing over whether or not you’re gonna qualify for a tarp.  We’re arguing over whether or not you’re going to be able to get $500 because you’ve lost all your food and goods and essential Items, and they’re trying to give a free pass just because somebody is characterized as working in an occupation deemed essential and giving them money.

All I’m asking is when will you, the citizens of this country, when do y’all get to be labeled essential?

When is Congress going to label the citizens of this country as essential?

Is it too much to ask that it be one of the benefits of US citizenship? That our own members of Congress look at us as essential? Do we maybe get a preference? How about a preference? Can we get that? And with that preference maybe we get a tarp and $500?

We had water up to our knees, roofs blown off our homes, and we can’t align insurance coverages – making the sacrifices each and every day to pay for these coverages – to what FEMA is going to provide.

We’re figuring out how to screw citizens and the entirely opposite approach is being done in Congress right now.

We’ll circumvent, bastardize and prostitute the rules of Congress in order to give something to those who violated the law to come here, and we get the Stafford Act thrown in our face every single solitary day.

Wanna talk about equity?

That seems to be a popular word these days. Give us equity. Give us what they get. I'm out!

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