Kevin Sheehan is giving Washington a 'legitimate chance' to beat Buffalo. What are Ben Standig's thoughts?


"I give them a chance, like a legitimate chance to win this game," Kevin Sheehan said of the undefeated Washington Commanders heading into their Week 3 showdown against the 1-1 Buffalo Bills Sunday at FedEx Field at the start of his conversation with The Athletic's Commanders' beat reporter Ben Standig on Friday.

To answer if he believes that Washington – with an offense led by first-year starter Sam Howell and first-year play-caller Eric Bieniemy – has a shot at taking down Josh Allen's Buffalo outfit, Standig calls on an analogy that involves Benjamin Franklin flying a kite with a key during a thunderstorm in 1752 while conducting experiments on electricity. Seriously. He really said that. Don't believe us? Do you think we could make that up? We're really not that creative. And what kind of lucid dreams do you think we're having over here on a Friday afternoon? We're just writing what we hear.

Fact check this by listening on the audio player above for the full answer and conversation about the Week 3 matchup on the audio player above.

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