Congress seeks information from NFL on Washington Football investigation


A Congressional committee has taken an interest in the NFL's investigation of the Washington Football Team's workplace culture.

The House Oversight Committee and one of its subcommittees on Thursday sent a request to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for additional information on the compromising emails, which were discovered during the course of an investigation into the WFT's workplace culture in the wake of allegations of widespread sexual harassment.

The investigation included some 150 interviews and uncovered 650,000 emails, but the findings were not presented to the commissioner in a written report.

In a five-page letter to Goodell, House Democrats are asking for the league to produce “all documents and communications" the NFL obtained during Beth Wilkinson's investigation into Washington Football, the management, owners, and, any other matter "relating or resulting" from the investigation by Nov. 4.

In the letter, the committee expresses "concerns" about revelations in the emails.

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