Lady A's Hillary Scott tries to be the best version of herself for her daughters

Hillary Scott of Lady A
Photo credit Erika Goldring / Stringer / Getty Images

As a mother to three daughters (Eisele, who's eight, and twins Emory and Betsy who are three), Hillary Scott of Lady A is well aware that little eyes and ears and watching and listening to everything she does, and that inspires her to be the best version of herself.

“The example I want to set for them is that giving grace to yourself and to others is a great way to live, and to be kind," she shares in a statement from her label. "I know in our household right now, my girls are at the ages where they’re watching everything I do and everything I say.

"And the way that I talk to myself, the way that I talk about myself, they’re really playing close attention to," she continues. "And so, raising three daughters who are already proving themselves to be very strong and confident little girls, I want to continue to nurture that in them, and the best way that I can do that is to lead by example.”