Matt Stell discusses playing for troops overseas on the Fourth of July

Matt Stell
Photo credit Michael Loccisano / Getty Images

Matt Stell's Fourth of July this year was even more memorable, as he got to spend it playing for our nation's bravest servicemembers, including shows at Al Dhafra Air Base in Abu Dhabi in the Persian Gulf.

"My first trip overseas was a really special one because we got to spend Independence Day with the troops there in the Middle East," he shares in a statement from his label. "I got to meet a whole bunch of really great, really amazing, really fun people that do everything from fly planes to work on them, to build bombs, all kinds of stuff.

"And really great to meet those folks and see what they do day to day and then play a rock show made out of country music with them that night, so we sure had a lot of fun in that hot, hot desert," he continues.

"This doesn’t happen to me often, but I really can’t find the words to express what this trip has meant to me,” he adds. “I am so thankful for the opportunity and I will never forget the experience.”