Netflix-cheating has never worried Tyler Rich, until now


Many couples enjoy watching shows on Netflix together, but spending as much time on opposite sides of the country as Tyler Rich and Sabina Gadecki do, means that the "Better Than You're Used To" singer and his wife have never really got into that....until recently.

"What’s crazy about Sabrina and I, because of our 2000 miles apart, is we don’t watch shows together," Tyler confesses in a statement from his label. "We never have, which is crazy. We watch movies, tons and tons of movies.

"But it wasn’t until quarantine that we actually started watching shows together, which to me is such an important and cool part of bonding with somebody," he continues. "'Cause you can’t wait for the next episode. We watch like 'Succession,' season one and two, which is incredible, and a couple other shows. But I’ve almost finished 'Ozark' season three, and she’s visiting family in Massachusetts right now for two weeks.

So has anyone ever watched a show without the other? "It would be [our] first case of Netflix cheating if I finished 'Ozark' season three," he says, but he can't vouch for her wife. "She might have already cheated on me in Massachusetts, we don’t know.“