Spotlight On Maryland-the Neighborhood Design Center

Since 1968, NDC Has Worked On More Than 4,000 Community-Led Projects in Baltimore City and PG County, MD
Merrell Hambleton & Briony Hinson from the Neighborhood Design Center with Gina Crash
Merrell Hambleton & Briony Hynson from the Neighborhood Design Center with Gina Crash Photo credit Sara Warfield

This week on Spotlight On Maryland, Gina Crash was joined in studio by Briony Hynson, Deputy Director, and Merrell Hambleton, Program Manager of Arts Planning and Cultural Programming at the Neighborhood Design Center, (NDC).

Founded in 1968, NDC is a non-profit organization that facilitates the development of healthy, equitable neighborhoods through community-engaged design and planning services. With offices in the Station North area of Baltimore and Hyattsville, Maryland, NDC is one of only 2 "legacy" design organizations. In their 50 years, they have completed over 4,000 community-led projects. Their mission has always been to serve low-to-moderate-income communities affected by institutional neglect. They redirect resources to underserved areas because everyone deserves healthy, high quality public spaces.

Briony and Merrell talked about how NDC is leading the local efforts of Baltimore's upcoming International Placemaking Week June 4-8, 2024. They also shared information about how NDC Is collaborating on Baltimore's winning project as one of 8 Cities Awarded the Bloomberg Public Art Grant of up to $1 million.

Briony and Merrell shared how people can support the efforts of the Neighborhood Design Center by visiting their website as well as their Instagram, Facebook, X, YouTube and LinkedIn pages.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Sara Warfield